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We want to introduce ourselves, we’re Joe and Elizabeth, and we love working with balloon business owners! We help balloon business owners grow their business every single day. Our goal is to help and empower small business owners to feel confident, understand their financials and grow their businesses!

Our biggest goal for our clients is that we can give them back their sanity. That they no longer have this looming cloud over their head of all the things that they need to do for their business finances.

You get a sounding board, someone who will look into your business and who can help you plan the future and also your next step.

There are three ways we can work together!

Quickbooks Online Set Up and Training:

Are you ready to use Quickbooks Online, but don’t know where to start and the thought of creating a mess is keeping you from taking action?

We know that taking on new software when you’re already a busy business owner can seem overwhelming. That’s exactly why we created the QBO Set up & Advisory package. In this package, we customize your Chart of Accounts, which is the heart of your bookkeeping and reporting, we set up the software for you to ensure that all of the right features are turned on and all the features you don’t need turned off, we do customized training to meet you where you are. So if you already have some Quickbooks experience, we don’t waste time with the basics, we jump right into what you need to know.

The best part? We record the trainings and provide them to you so you can reference the training at any time. This service starts at $499 for a standard set up.

This is perfect for:

  • DIYers who want to make sure they’re starting on the right foot
  • People who have been using Quickbooks Online for a while but aren’t sure if they’re doing it right or have reached a point where they need more help
  • Someone who wants to integrate their CRMs (like 17hats, Honeybook, Manager Sal) and payment processors (like Square or Stripe) but wants someone to help them through that process and understand how it all works together

What is included:

  • QBO Set up and customization
  • Chart of Accounts specific to your industry and business needs
  • Bank and Credit Card Initial Setup for multiple accounts
  • Two Hours of QBO Training, recorded for your continued reference

Monthly Bookkeeping:

We want to take the burden of dealing with the numbers and give you back your time and energy to do what you do best. Running your business! 

Our bookkeeping is all virtual — that means you can run your business from anywhere and we will be here for you. Support is provided via email, phone calls or video calls. Find out how we can make a difference for you. 

Bookkeeping packages start at $497 per month and are completely customized based on each business.

Taxes and Tax Planning:

Our team will take care of your taxes to get you the very best deductions and return! We prepare taxes for individuals, small businesses, service providers and contract workers.

Does your income change every year? Worried about what your taxes will look like next year? We provide tax planning services to give you an idea of what your tax liability will be in the future.

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