Strategic Plan

Where do you see your business in 5 years? 10 years? What are you doing to get yourself there? Here’s the deal – we have to know what the end goal is in order to get there. So let’s goal set together. In 5 years you want to… ⚡️ Hire […]


Let’s discuss  filing 1099s for your business or RECEIVING 1099s for work done. For Businesses Filing 1099s Here are the three criteria you need to meet to give someone a 1099-NEC: ◼️ You made the payment to someone who is not your employee (including parts and materials). ◼️ You made […]

Top Three Business Myths

I’m going to drop some knowledge on you today. We’re going to debunk common business, finance and marketing myths. Business myth #1 – if you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t need to worry about strategic planning. We’ve heard this before. Well let me tell you – that’s exactly why you need […]