Top Three Business Myths

I’m going to drop some knowledge on you today. We’re going to debunk common business, finance and marketing myths.

Business myth #1 – if you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t need to worry about strategic planning.

We’ve heard this before.

  • “It’s just me, I don’t need to have a written plan.”
  • “It’s just me, I barely can manage all of the stuff I have going on, much less take the time to sit down and plan for a whole year”
  • “It’s just me, I don’t really understand that stuff anyway.”

Well let me tell you – that’s exactly why you need to be doing this!

EVERY DECISION IN YOUR BUSINESS IS A FINANCIAL DECISION. Again for the people in the back – every decision in your business is a financial decision.

Do you want to spend money on advertising, hire new employees or introduce a new line of products – guess what? All financial decisions PLUS marketing, HR, and PD.

But you can do this and you can use this to your advantage.

Writing down your goals and plans for how to achieve them is statistically proven to make them more likely to happen.

You got this!

Now remember that all of these decisions have financial implications and all of a sudden you will start making MONEY MOVES. You will be crushing those goals.

Business Myth #2 – if something is wrong, someone will let me know along the way.

Not even close.

We met so many people who have been pushing the ball uphill for YEARS who had no idea what was wrong, how to fix it or what it meant for their business that they were struggling.

A lot of problems can be fixed, but the first step is being aware.

⚡ Know where your business stands

⚡ Work with someone who will take the time to explain it to you

⚡ Watch the magic happen

It doesn’t happen overnight, but once you start to understand what it all means, it will open up a whole new world for you.

Your numbers don’t have to be scary. 

Business Myth #3 – We get it, friend. In your mind you are saving so. much. money.

But when you peel back the layers, you’re actually losing money. 💸💸

Why, you ask?

Because your TIME IS MONEY. ⏳=💰

Doing your own books, struggling to learn Quickbooks, managing it all, that’s not making you any money.

BUT you could be making sales, marketing your business, making connections – doing MONEY MAKING activities.

And that’s what we want for you! When you’re free from having this cloud of tracking your finances hanging over your head, you’re going to be free to bring in the money.

It’s all about opportunity cost.

Our clients make more money and are way less stressed about figuring out their finances.

Which one are you – a money saver or a money maker?

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