Quickbooks Online Tip!


Don’t set any rules to “auto-add”… trust me on this.

Every set of books we see where the business owner feels completely in the dark about their books, there is an auto-add somewhere in there wreaking havoc.

How does this happen?

You are doing everything they’re supposed to – categorizing your expenses and diligently adding receipts.

One day, you are moving too fast and the system recommends a rule and you hit accept without reading it closely.

Behind the scenes, you’ve just set into motion a small dumpster fire.

You won’t even see the problem until it has already become a Big problem.

So let’s make a pact that you will go through all of your rules and take off the auto-add. Deal?

If you are thinking Oh, noooo…I have a bunch of things on auto-add and I also don’t understand my books.

Don’t worry, there is always a solution.

Send us a message with the word “auto-add” if you need help!

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