Is Your Business Profitable?

Is your business profitable?

There’s SOME money in your bank account and your profit and loss says you made really good money.

So where did it all go?

The reality is that just like with your personal money, if you’re not budgeting, you’re likely to overspend and eat into your profits.

Profit shouldn’t only be a line item on your profit and loss statement.

So what’s a business owner to do?

Create a budget that stipulates:

  • how much you will pay yourself,
  • how much to save for taxes,
  • how much you can spend in operating expenses and
  • how much you need to set aside so you can finally outsource all of the things you want to outsource in your business!

A budget will help you get your expenses in check and help you actually meet your financial goals!

It’s also a great way to know what sales goals you truly need to hit in order to take home the pay you want and need.

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